About Me

1 August 2022

Researchfin.ai is an AI-based trading tool that helps traders to take systematic trading decisions. We offer AI-based charting to the following markets: Indian Stocks, US Stocks,  Crypto, Forex, and Real-time Data.

31 January 2022
Full time

Vauld enables customers to buy, lend, borrow, and trade crypto assets from one unified platform.

Achievements/Tasks :
• Strategizes the Instagram and YouTube account growth End to End .
• Create brand guideline and brand identity for social media .
• Created more than 30 creatives and Ad copies for Cefi Platform.

15 July 2021
Full time
Orange Wallet


Orange Wallet is the first Cross-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi & NFT across most EVM chains. Orange wallet got Acquired by Vauld.

Achievements/Tasks :
• Joined as a founding member & governed all the marketing & design-related operations.
• Achieved 20k+ Downloads on App Stores through Content & PR Marketing.
• Gained 3M+ Profile Impression on Social Media using Viral Content Marketing Strategies.


30 Nov 2020
Sub Label
Leap Finance - Full time

Leap Finance is the largest Study Abroad Start-up that focuses on aspirants who wish to study abroad. Leap Finance is Series C Ed-Tech cum Fin-tech Start-up with $75M Funding.

Achievements/Tasks :
• Joined as a First Design & Growth guy. Created more than 100 Social Media Creatives.
• Growth Hacked the Leap's Youtube channel from 15k to 80k Subscribers & Instagram from 30k to 180k Followers.
• Created more than 100 Social Media Designs & 50 Ad Copies.

30 Jan 2020
Sub Label
StockTwits India - Freelance

Stocktwits is the largest social network for investors and traders.

Achievements/Tasks :
• Created more than 50 Social Media Creatives.
• Growth Hacked the Twitter channel from 5k to 30k Subscribers & Instagram from 50k to 220k Followers.

15 Jan 2019
Sub Label
4FOX - Full time

4FOX was based on the Thrasio model where we acquired 2 FMCG Brands.

Achievements/Tasks :
• Raised Pre Seed & Seed Round for the Startup.
• Increased the MRR of Acquired Businesses to $10k in just 6 months.
• Lead the Marketing, Design & Business Development Teams of 15 People.